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Creed of Office

During the 2014 campaign, my first for reelection, one of my constituents asked me to draft, sign and commit to a Creed of Office. I loved the idea and discussed it with Earl, Neil, and Carl. They were not so sure, and that fact convinced me it was the right thing to do.  

During my June 2014 appearance with Wallis Kriss on BIG NEWS SUNDAY, we discussed the Creed and I advised him it would become part of my upcoming effort to eradicate ‘dirty money’ from U.S. politics. That was quite an interview, and the overwhelmingly positive response led to my introducing the ELECTION LAW EVERYONE CAN TRUST (ELECT) 2015 legislation. 

Should I have the honor to be elected your District’s representative in the U.S. House, I commit to adhering to the guiding principles outlined in my CREED of OFFICE

(1.) I shall neither seek nor serve more than four terms of office (8 years) in the U.S. House of Representatives in my lifetime.

(2.) I shall strive to provide complete transparency of all government activities I participate in as your Representative. A calendar of all my past appointments will be posted online.

(3.) Until such time as elections for federal office become totally federally funded, in any one election cycle, my campaign will accept no more than $500 in total campaign contributions from any one individual, advocacy group, Political Action Committee, commercial enterprise or any other organization.

(4.) My campaign will never accept a campaign contribution, in any form, from any individual or organization from outside the State of California, or the United States. Any efforts by any out-of- state, or out-of-country groups of any kind, advocating for my election that we become aware of, will be publicly discouraged and rebuked.

(5.) My campaign website will provide an up-to-date list for public viewing of all campaign donors and amounts donated.

(6.) I will provide on my website, summaries of all Legislation I will be voting upon, the dates of that vote, and my position on that vote.

(7.) I will conduct at least one public ‘Town Hall’ meeting in my district every ninety days. On our website I will give at least seven days of notice as to where and when that meeting will take place. That meeting will last as long as necessary to answer all questions any one of my constituents cares to ask.

(8.) I will not meet with any lobby or advocacy groups unless they provide me a written agenda of what they propose to discuss. That agenda will be posted on our website, as well as a summary of that discussion within five days following the meeting.

(9.) Outside of campaign contribution limits, I will accept no gifts of any kind from any individual, advocacy group, Political Action Committee, commercial enterprise, or any other organization.

(10.) Should a majority of my constituents, within a ninety-day time frame, sign a petition asking me to leave office, I will resign immediately with no conditions.

(11.) I recognize that my sole purpose in office is to serve your interests.

(12.) All my votes and positions on legislation will be dictated by my judgment as to what is in the best interests of my constituents. I will not be influenced by the Republican or Democrat or any other parties that may attempt to influence me to a vote which, in my judgment, is not in my constituents’ best interests.

As your elected representative, in office to serve only your interests, I commit to adhering to these guiding principles to the best of my ability. Should I fail, I fully expect you to request my resignation.



Jon Braxton

May 26, 2014