May 29, 2024 | 0 comments

Our local elected officials and bureaucrats have failed miserably in their woeful efforts to solve the issue of homelessness. And it’s not a surprise. Within the construct of government, it is impossible to craft and implement effective solutions to transform a homeless person in any manner that can scale.

The operating system of government is people, most of whom who put their own personal interests ahead of those of their constituents. We should not and could not expect people with this mindset to have the will nor the skill to solve a problem akin to this issue.

Homelessness is an issue of the mind, not society. It is not an issue that can be solved by more money or more bureaucracy or more legislation. It cannot be solved by four walls and a bed. It cannot be solved by a hot meal. It cannot be solved by putting a dollar in a hat. It cannot be solved by press conferences and mandates and photo ops.

People are homeless primarily because they don’t feel they deserve one. They have done something or witnessed something for which they have turned to self-loathing. This leads to self-destructive behavior and a cycle of despair. A government shelter, or a motel room voucher is not the solution. Those band-aids only kick the can down the road. When will someone, in a position of power, have the fortitude to pick the can up and put it away?   

Homelessness is an issue far more complex than government or bureaucracy is wired for. Today’s politicians won’t take the lead for solving homelessness for two reasons. One, they have no effective solutions and two they know they will not be successful and it’s best, for reelection and fundraising purposes, to stay at arm’s length.

The ultimate solution is rooted in working with any individual who believes they don’t deserve to have a ‘home’ and ‘changing their mind’. As with most issues of the mind, it is extremely difficult to unwrap.

 Our only hope for solving homelessness is to summon understanding of the root cause in each homeless person’s psyche and repair it. It is a monumental task that government has no hope in successfully undertaking. It’s a war that must be fought in the streets with ‘mind-to-mind’ combat. Each case is different. Each case is nuanced. It is not a job for government. It is a job for the free marketplace of ideas, incentivized to craft and implement effective solutions. 

The role of the politician or the bureaucrat on this matter should be to develop the appropriate incentives for the free market to solve the problem.