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This book was a treat to read. The plot was intriguing, and the characters were brilliant and quirky. Lots of comedy and lots of emotion. The story started slowly but picked up the pace and moved smoothly to the crazy ending. In between Braxton’s funny cable TV opinion show visits, he managed to put forward interesting solutions for education reform and campaign financing reform. We need a Jon Braxton to run for Congress. We need him to win and get to Washington. He’d have my vote. Where is he? Let’s find him. –Patrick Piwowarczyk

Anyone interested in the current political debate will be entertained by this story. Jon Braxton is the candidate we wish would run for public office. And his assistant, Abby, is hilarious. Braxton’s mission and the story’s references to type 1 diabetes seem all too realistic. The surprise ending was not totally surprising. I saw it coming but it was still satisfying. The journey was fun to follow and left me hanging as to what would happen next. I hope the author is working on it. –SimiDavid

Braxton is bigger than life and a man with a burning passion for lifting the world out of the cold, dark, misty storm clouds that cover it most of the time. Getting to know Braxton is the story. The choices he makes come from his past experiences, and the reader is encouraged to reflect on their own personal journey and ask how their heart and mind have fused to form the human road we each take in our lives. Braxton is a character that lives in one’s dream long after the last page is finished.

The book covers a lot of political policy with clever dialog, and as a reader, I found it difficult to reconcile the real-life political characters with current events. But the nonfiction characters have a startling hope value that left me really wanting to see a man like Braxton enter the political blood sport arena and have an opportunity to turn winter into spring. Good job, Steve Marks, for bringing Braxton to life.


Braxton’s Turn is an excellent book. It is very well written and provides insights into our current governance and what we can turn it into if we all work towards our common goals.

The author does an excellent job of guiding the reader on a marvelous journey. You could say he is the Michael Connelly of this genre. –Riki & Nancy

Braxton’s Turn was a fun easy read. I also appreciate the nod to type 1 diabetes.
Enjoy the political battles showing how changes in government policies and funding might work. All this is a work of fiction, you know! –Rustin

I fully enjoyed the story, characters , and the fantastic fantasy of a government and our country righting itself, to be of service to every American. I could have read another 400 pages of this story and I hope to see a volume 2. –Rags

What would politics look like if someone was there to turn it upside down to the way it should be worked. This book explores that possibility of a politician that is actually in it for the good of the people. Found this book on a book blog that features amazing new books and authors. – Book Lover

Thoroughly enjoyed this story. A bit far-fetched to actually happen to be true but the book was well written and funny. Characters were well developed, and the pace was good. Kept me reading to find out what would happen next. The scenes with JB and the cable news show host were outrageous. Assuming the Wallis Kriss character was Chris Wallace. – PurtyGF

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A Patient Journey for a teenager diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 2012 – 2016

To the Type 1 Community

Review by Derek C Beatty, Director and Healthcare Consultant, a Type 1 Patient 45 years. Edinburgh.

A successful businessman in Southern California, Jon Braxton, enjoys life with his family running a respected and profitable business, focuses his life in using his success to help underprivileged children. Suddenly he is confronted with a family health challenge when his teenage son is diagnosed with Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes.

Having seen success in a youth graduate he supported who graduated with distinction at Military College he diplomatically uses his personnel management skills to diffuse an embarrassing warehouse incident then Jon is suddenly without warning faced with his wife in a health challenge for his teenage son to address his Diabetes health condition. Fast track learning of how scientists and researchers have been awarded funds to find a cure but with limited success, can Jon open the door with a new clinical cellular approach to find a cure? But wait, how does he address the moral issue between life and death of molecular cells? He does so in being guided by a respected reverend who used his inspiration to go forward in strength and courage and gain respect of others in presenting speeches without notes attracting standing ovation. When persuaded to put his business skills into a political opportunity and seek resource to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes Jon’s gift for public speaking leads to chairmanship of a top steering committee with recognition of his talents and nominated to stand for high office.

Braxton’s Turn twists and turns over 400 pages, is a thrilling read and description of a journey which has to be won as an inspiration to every Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes Patient. Will we see a cure? Let’s keep moving forward and see what Stephen Marks new book just published rewards us with?
An excellent read to help address the challenges the Diabetes Community faces today. – Derek Beatty

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