In the inaugural book of the series, Jonathon Braxton, a successful tech entrepreneur in Southern California, becomes an unexpected catalyst for political change. As he turns 40, Braxton’s achievements and innovative solutions for community problems draw the attention of influential political figures, leading to an invitation to join the political fray. Despite his initial disinterest, a series of events compels him to reconsider, setting him on a path that challenges and reshapes the U.S. political landscape. Unmotivated by ambition or greed but driven by a quest to cure his son’s Type 1 diabetes, Braxton’s political entry is marked by humor, satire, and a desire for better government. This story is a humorous and hopeful journey through the eyes of a man determined to make a difference, proving that even in the summer of 2012, when Type 1 diabetes and U.S. politics seemed impossible, they hadn’t yet encountered Jonathon Braxton.

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