I understand things in your world are getting a little wacky.

Up means down. Boy means girl. Free speech means hate speech. Discrimination means safety. Truth means conspiracy theory.

I happened to be reading a local newspaper yesterday and I saw our author— you know, Steve—wrote a Letter to the Editor musing about ‘things’. I asked him if it would be OK to repost it my blog. He agreed and here it is.

The thing is, things used to be better when things that used to be a thing—were the things.

Now, we have things that were never before things, serving as the thing. And things seem to be much worse.

I’d like to see us bring back things that used to be a thing (meritocracy, Vin Scully, criminal justice, Tim Russert, investigative journalism, Martin Luther King, healthy compromise, Ronald Reagan, civility and grace, Princess Diana, racial indiscrimination, Chick Hearn…to name a few)

And let’s lose the things that were never before a thing, but are now things that are not working out.

Some things were just not made to be things.

No thing is perfect, but some are sure a lot better than others. And everything would be better if the right things were the thing.