Book Two: The Journey To the Cure Continues

Our world suffers from numerous diseases. Two of which are Type 1 diabetes and U.S. politics.

Completely unrelated you say? That was the case until July 15, 2012. The day Lucas Braxton received a diagnosis of T1D. A diagnosis which proved to be the catalyst for a most remarkable six-year period unlike any other in American political history. And a period unlike any other for those living with the life-threatening disease.

In BRAXTON’S TURN, following his son’s diagnosis, Jonathon Braxton began a journey to seek an understanding of why, despite hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. government research funding, the medical research community did not know the cause, nor have a cure for T1D. It was a journey which would take him from successful tech sector entrepreneur and philanthropist to the halls of Congress, where he would encounter the powerful obstacles of greed, politics, and the financial interests of Big Pharma.

In BRAXTON’S PLAN Jon, unexpectedly and improbably, ascends to the Presidency.  From the Oval Office he begins to engage those who he sees standing in the way of the cure. Entrenched government actors and powerful pharma executives, menaced by Jon’s presence and rise in prominence, striving to protect their embedded interests. They see Jon as an existential threat who must be destroyed. Jon sees his adversaries as diversions to be marginalized by his wit and humor.

Jonathon Braxton was not, and never would be, a politician. He went to Washington to find the cure for Type 1 diabetes. It was not foretold his journey would lead him to the precipice of fixing U.S. cultural decay as well.


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Two Diseases – Type 1 Diabetes and U.S. Cultural Decay

One Cure – Jonathon Braxton


Book One: Watch Out Washington

Jonathon Braxton has just crossed his 40th birthday and has captured the American dream in Southern California as a successful tech sector entrepreneur. He is surrounded by a loving family, adoring employees, and local business and civic leaders, grateful for his generosity and creative approaches to solving local community problems.

His accomplishments, accompanied by his astute common sense, business acumen, philanthropy, total transparency, sense of humor, and unmistakable wit, bring him onto the radar of influential political power brokers and his local congressional representative.

After witnessing Braxton deliver an impassioned speech at a local economic development conference, Congressman Earl Gregory, and the brothers Carlton and Cornelius Hale, conclude he is the fresh face the Republican party has been seeking, and attempt to recruit him. Jon is, however, completely apathetic and dismissive of their efforts until a couple of happenstance events turn his thinking. A TURN that leads to tectonic shifts in the U.S. political landscape no one could have predicted.

Unencumbered by political ambition, devoid of greed, without lust for power, and fueled solely by a desire to advocate for a cure to the disease afflicting his son, Jonathon Braxton reluctantly enters the arena. And it’s not a fair fight as the enigmatic, straight-shooting JB, surgically and hysterically reshapes Congress, Sunday morning cable TV beltway talk shows, and Washington DC political norms, while escorting both the Republican and Democrat parties to the brink of extinction.

The story of Jon Braxton is filled with satire, humor, and parody. And was written to offer hope and inspiration for anyone interested in better government and/or finding the cure for Type 1 diabetes.

“It was the summer of 2012 and Type 1 diabetes had no cure – but it had not yet faced off with Jonathon Braxton. Ditto…U.S. Politics.”

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