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(and cure type 1 Diabetes)

Stephen R Marks bring us a new America—one with a remodeled culture where universal truths, common sense, and clarity of vision rule.

It’s an America which has discovered the pathway to the cure for Type 1 diabetes, with the promise to end the suffering of the millions of people around the world who live with the disease.

And it’s an America armed with a blueprint to fix our most pressing problems


About Steve

After 38 years in the data networking industry, the last 32 owning my own company, I’ve transitioned to published author. My mission for writing and publishing the BRAXTON’S AMERICA trilogy is two-fold. One, I have a strong desire to bring awareness to the masses about the auto-immune disorder known as Type 1 diabetes. Second, I’d like to be a voice in helping our country get back on track so that we can all see ourselves as Americans and realize where we live is the best place on the planet. Let’s bring truth, morality, and civility back into our lives.


Book Two: The Journey To the Cure Continues

Our world suffers from numerous diseases. Two of which are Type 1 diabetes and U.S. cultural decline.

 In Book 1 of the BRAXTON’S AMERICA series, Jon Braxton captivated the nation with his wit, humor and uncanny ability to articulate commonsense solutions to our country’s most pressing problems. And he was rewarded with a new job.

In Book 2 of the trilogy, BRAXTON’S PLAN, Jon is also rewarded with access to a runway to make extraordinary things happen. The new President, and his very capable and badass First Lady, Angela Braxton, now get to the business of bringing their son, and the rest of the world’s Type 1 diabetes community, the long-awaited cure. 

Angela has a PLAN, and begins to execute it in the face of overwhelming opposition from political enemies and the dubious interests of Big Pharma. While Angela is preoccupied with the cure for T1D, Jon is busy with his plans for curing the nation’s cultural decline. 

In BRAXTON’S PLAN, the comedy, satire, and ridiculous memes move from Congress to the White House. And amid the humor, our country begins to find its footing, along with hope for the future that our best days are ahead of us. 



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Two Diseases – Type 1 Diabetes and U.S. Cultural Decay

One Cure – Jonathon Braxton


Book One: Watch Out Washington

In the spring of 2012 an unlikely transformational figure, by way of chance occurrences, breaches the perimeter of U.S. politics. Unencumbered by political ambition, devoid of greed and the lust for power, and fueled solely by a desire to advocate for a cure for the disease recently contracted by his son, Jonathon Braxton enters the arena. His ensuing four-year journey takes him from politically apathetic successful business entrepreneur to the height of political power. And along the way he transports both the Republican and Democrat parties to the brink of extinction. 

This inaugural book of the BRAXTON’S AMERICA series sets the apolitical Jonathon Braxton on a course with history. Against his nature, in support of his recently T1D diagnosed son, he decides to enter politics with a single purpose  – finding the cure for Type 1 diabetes. However, upon reaching Washington DC as a first term congressman, he realizes the unique problem solving approaches he successfully used in business were in desperate need by a country in steep decline.

 Our hero’s reluctant entry into U.S. politics is laden with comedy, satire, and a formula for better government. BRAXTON’S TURN is a lighthearted and humorous journey of a man determined to make a difference. In the summer of 2012, Type 1 diabetes and sensible U.S. political discourse seemed impossible, but they had not yet faced off with Jonathon Braxton.

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Praise for the Books

“This book was a treat to read. The plot was intriguing, and the characters were brilliant and quirky. Lots of comedy and lots of emotion. The story started slowly but picked up the pace and moved smoothly to the crazy ending.” -Pat Piwowarczyk

“Turn twists and turns over 400 pages, is a thrilling read and description of a journey which has to be won as an inspiration to every Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes Patient. Will we see a cure? Let’s keep moving forward and see what Stephen Marks’ new book just published rewards us with? An excellent read to help address the challenges the Diabetes Community faces today.” -Derek C. Beatty, Director, and Healthcare Consultant, a Type 1 Patient 45 years. Edinburgh.

“This story will entertain anyone interested in the current political debate. Jon Braxton is the candidate we wish would run for public office. And his assistant, Abby, is hilarious. Braxton’s mission and the story’s references to type 1 diabetes seem all too realistic.” -David Abowitt

What Is The Type 1-You’re Done Project?

Our effort to bring BRAXTON’S AMERICA to a screen near you.


The cures for type 1 diabetes and our country’s cultural decline are out there.

By raising awareness, we hope to harness
the energy of our universe in their direction.


Join our community and lend your voice to our mission. Stay in touch with
us. Visit our website often for updates on what’s happening in the real
world of diabetes research and with our efforts to help speed it along.
Send us an email expressing your desire to have the story of Jon and Angela Braxton, and the reality of life with T1d, told to the world.

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